Autoconfig for mail server only

Hi I am setting up email for a domain where A record points elsewhere and want to set up mail autoconfig. (Never done this before.) I have set up Mail Client Configuration. I am not sure what to set in DNS as although a search revealed the record would be added to “Suggested DNS Records”, I don’t see it. As I only have MX at mail. on my VPS, am I able to even configure it through virtualmin, or need i set it up manually on the other server which has the A record?

You can host the website on some other server by configuring DNS to point the A record of domain.tld to the IP address of the other server, I can confirm this works, and you can host email on Virtualmin by configuring DNS to point mail.domain.tld to the IP address of the Virtualmin server. If you take a look at the DNS records of my domain you will see that this is exactly how I have set it up for web and email.

WRT the mail client and email autoconfig, Virtualmin currently (but that may change soon) works best if the incoming server and outgoing server are set to the Virtualmin hostname rather than domain.tld, so it is the autoconfig of the hostname that is perhaps more important than that of domain.tld. Not sure about this, can someone confirm?

Thanks for pointer calport, but I looked here [servername]/mail/config-v1.1.xml and there is only a 404.

How about:




or even possibly

[servername.tld]/roundcube (which works on mine, for reasons I’ve since forgotten, but probably have something to do with something I did).


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