Autoconfig/discover for individual sites

I currently have 6 web sites which I maintain and, although they all have emails, only one of them has email addresses, the other 5 all have catch-all setup. The main reason for this is that the sites are being merged into my main site using sub-servers, just to save a few pennies.

I’m not sure if this is possible already (simply by removing the autoconfig/discover entries from the alias directives) or whether this needs to be implemented during the enabling of mail client configuration.

I have currently applied what I stated above with the directives but not sure if this will “break” something should I disable this feature in the future or, indeed, add other sites which I may or may not want to add the auto configuration to. I’m presuming, once auto configuration is enabled if you create a new server with mail enabled it will automatically add the directives, even if they are not wanted?

Just curious…


Server OS: Ubuntu

Webmin/Virtualmin: Latest (updated daily)


Chris: Adelphia Interactive