auto notification of site sw updates?

I’ve got a vm pro server with about a dozen hosted sites. I recently had a wordpress compromise that could have been avoided if the updates had been applied. Is there a way to configure Virtualmin to send me an email when security (especially) updates are available for site sw packages become available? I know I can go into the install scripts page for the site manually and see what scripts have updates, but it would be useful if the updates came to me rather than me having to check manually.

Not sure if this is what you want but on the GPL version in

Webmin > System > Virtualmin Package Updates, there is a scheduled checking option that will email update notifications to you.

Although being a pro user you probably know about this already.

Yes, thanks for the reminder. In that same section, Webmin > System, you’ll see a software packages list and update notification option, but none of these are the packages installed by the script installers. If I look at the installed script list for a hosted site to find, e.g., roundcube, I can see if an updated package is available. It would be very useful to get a notification emailed to me as sysadmin when an update for an script-installed package is available. Look at the recent history of wordpress compromises. It would be very useful to have the email. It seems as if all the pieces are already in place, too, it doesn’t seem as if it would be so hard.