Auto Login from AWBS

Hi Everyone,

I’m curious how to get logon credentials passed to virtualmin from my AWBS Software when customers are browsing their hosting services.

I was using the following (excuse the excaping, its from a PHP file):

<form method=\"post\" action=\"https://:10000/session_login.cgi\">

which was working fine until an update on virtualmin, It still works, but you have to click on it twice. Once to open the page which i think gives it a session id/cookie, the second to continue to log in automatically.

Is there any way around this? am I doing something Wrong?

Any help would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

Kind Regards,

For this to work, you’d need to add the following to the HTML within the form :

This extra parameter is needed to tell Virtualmin to not check for a cookie that is usually used to verify that the browser has cookies enabled…

You da Man!

Thank you very much :slight_smile:
Still a happy customer 1year 45 weeks and counting :slight_smile:

how on earth you are able to keep track of your time in such a precise manner that how long you are a customer of virtual-min, tell me the secret

maybe he looked at the date of his invoice?