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Okay so what I been reading about Authoritative DNS Server. You have to have two servers. My Question is on my rack server I have 4 etho each of them setup with static IP. So in theory I should be able to setup a Authoritative DNS on my rack server correct? if so I just setup a Authoritative Bind one the IP would be master and other IP would be slave for it?

Sorry for so many Questions Been Windows User/Tech for so many years, Should got into Linux Family a long time ago. Guess better late then never :wink:


A dns server is authoritative for a domain when it is the final source for the IP address of the name you are looking for.

Two dns servers can be in a master/server relationship. When they are in this relationship, the master server looks after the management of records for one or more domains. When changes are made, and at other times configurable by the administrator, these changes are transferred to the server that is configured as a slave for these domains.

So, for example, a dns server can operate as a master for domain A, as well as operating as a slave for domain B.

In the scenario you have outlined, it might be considered odd to set up dns servers on each of the interfaces (perhaps you’re running a virtual machine connected to each interface). One reason for operating a master/slave relationship is to provide redundancy in case of outage and when both are operating on the same hardware, you risk losing that redundancy.

Nevertheless, you may have good reason to do so.


Two DNS servers are on the same box is pointless. The whole point of the second server is for redundancy. Hardware fails.

I have no idea why people waste so much time with this nonsense when cloudflare can handle all your DNS needs (with massive world-wide redundancy) in a polished, user-friendly interface, for free.

I have no affiliation with cloudflare, but for DNS, it’s a no-brainer.
Save yourself the headache.

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