authentication for root access


I have a few servers that are joined to a windows domain. I want to give my developers root access to virtualmin without giving them root. Their usernames are known to the underlying operating system as DOMAIN\user. To make things even simpler, they are all part of a system-known group as DOMAIN\group. How can I simply give anyone who matches this group root access within virtualmin/webmin?



To be a Master Admin in Virtualmin, that would require root-level access to the server. However, you don’t actually need to be root… you can add the account in question to the /etc/sudoers file to give them the sort of privileges needed to be a Master Admin.


So, webmin, under the covers does a sudo somehow?

During the login process, it uses the sudoers file to determine what access a user should have… after determining that it should be a Master Admin, it then grants those additional privileges during that session.