Authentic Theme + Virtualmin PRO subscription + ComodoWAF

@Ilia Hi Sir,

You solved not too long ago, the Comodo WAF and Authentic Theme issue, THX again :+1:
Today I installed (CWAF) on a VPS where we have activated Virtualmin PRO subscription.

The problem still persists, but only under PRO, as the GPL lic. VPSs continue to work as expected.

Can there be a difference between PRO and GPL regarding the CWAF issue?

I’ll show you a couple of PRTSCs, pls. note the CWAF installation itself and the mod_sec ruleset works fine, just no management module under the “servers” tab (PRO).



Thank you if you can spare some of your precious time for this :slightly_smiling_face:


This is due to because we haven’t updated Webmin for Virtualmin repos yet. This is happening in the future though, whenever we’re ready to announce Virtualmin 7!

Meanwhile, you could manually upgrade Authentic Theme, using theme configuration page. Although, it might give you a warning… if there is a high necessity, it would be better to update to Webmin 1.979 first using official Webmin website and then again update the theme to the latest development version.

The described above operation must be avoided by regular users. Do it only if you know what you’re doing and only if you know how to upgrade/downgrade packages manually.

This is not something we’d will be able to support.

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Thanks for your reply.

On the VPS in question Webmin is 1.979 (everywhere in our deployments), so I don’t have to worry about it.

No production environment for now here, but CWAF’s ruleset breaks WebDAV logins, because of these Mod_Security 911 100 / 949 110, and it’s easier to debug and manage rules from the module than from CLI
On the VPS is running a test NextCloud server with no data, with a daily full snapshot backup, so there shouldn’t be any major problems.

You say that 19.83-RC4 it addresses the issue, as soon as I have time I will check it.

Oh and I wish you good work on V7 :+1:

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It works thank you again :+1: (on 19.83-RC4)

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