Authentic Theme URL

Is there any specific reason why the Authentic Theme shows ?virtualmin in the URL?

I noticed other themes don’t do this, and if you click on Webmin using Authentic it doesn’t either. I think its cleaner if its consistent with other themes and as well how it behaves on Webmin. Just sticking to the full control panel access url as is visually better.

I’m not sure why Ilia has done it that way. Presumably to address some routing needs for the theme. As you note, it’s not the default behavior of Webmin (which doesn’t show the left-menu URL in the browser URL bar, at all). But, there’s probably a reasonably good reason for it. Authentic does a lot more in the browser than any other theme. It’s on the way to being a singe page app (though will likely be a fork of Authentic that becomes an SPA, since it’ll be a major overhaul). We may have to wait until the fork (sometime around the time Webmin 2.0 comes along) to see the URL behavior change.

Webmin is an old CGI-based codebase, and until we get modern techniques like a request router, and better support for sharing session state with a HTML5/JavaScript SPA, it’s probable there will be compromises. Ilia may be able to chime in with more about why it is this way.

I don’t think it’s a huge priority, as it’s a minor aesthetic thing (and you’re the first person to mention it in a year+ of Authentic being the default theme). :wink:

No of course it’s not a big deal but I tested another theme which also looks amazing, like the Authentic one and doesn’t do this either. I guess it is something unique related to Ilia’s code base.

The reason I mentioned this is because some users that have the PRO mainly for Resellers, probably want to offer the service as a white label. I know most Resellers want that, so that exposes the Virtualmin url to their customers. Like I said it’s not a big deal but some Resellers maybe want an even better 100% white brand and I just noticed that other themes don’t do this. As Authentic is the default one, I expect most people to clone and edit that one so it should stick as close to the core software as possible.


I have problem with Authentic theme url. Since some time, when I get back to any of my virtualmin servers, I’ll get directed to last page used… I believe it is cache… Closing browser is not enough, and depending what you have done before closing it (like deleting something) you’ll get back exactly to that. Can be a “pita” sometimes…
Haven’t found anyone “complaining” of it…

“Haven’t found anyone “complaining” of it…”

But, you have! That’s what this topic is about!

I’ve talked about it with Ilia, and there’s a pretty good reason for the behavior, but I think there are ways to avoid it…I don’t know if it’s been fixed yet, though. It’s intentional, but to solve another problem of what to do when reloading the page. But, the more I think about it, the more I lean toward returning to Webmin and wanting to start fresh being more important than reloading going back to where you were. There may be other issues, though…I’ll talk to Ilia again.

I agree this is sub-optimal behavior, and more annoying than positive.

Actually, it looks like this has been fixed in the new version (in my brief testing). So, try updating to 19.09beta3 and see if the problem is resolved for you.