Authentic theme upgrade to 21.07

OS type and version Ubuntu Linux 20.04.6
Webmin version 2.101
Usermin version 2.001
Virtualmin version 7.8.2
Theme version 21.07
Package updates All installed packages are up to date
Box name Game club

I have just upgraded from 21.06 to 21.07
Cleared the cache, despite no changes to settings

going to the main menu Virtualmin Tab
it loads the Virtual Server Summary and not the Dashboard which it used to do.
going to the main menu Webmin Tab
It does still load the Dashboard which it used to do.

Works for me fine, you must have a setting wrong somewhere

The default landing page after login is the “Dashboard.” Now, since we retain the last-selected virtual server in the menu, returning to it naturally leads to the “Virtual Server Summary” page.

I’m not sure why you’d expect the Dashboard when returning to specific virtual server? When dealing with virtual servers, you’ll naturally see the Virtual Server Summary. Yet, after logging in, the Dashboard displays according to your settings.

Is that a result of a misunderstanding my other topic?

The requirement is to show the dashboard on both Webmin and Virtualmin primary Tabs. It was not to show anything about a specific VS.

The content of the Dashboard has nothing to do with a specific VS (the VS current or otherwise) has nothing to do with the Dashboard. I have no requirement for the Virtual Server Summary it remains irrelevant to the Dashboard. Remembering which VS is on tha last menu selected is important for moving around a specific Virtualmin sub menu. Just about everything to do with Virtualmin can be accessed through links in the Dashboard or in the left-hand menu. So much so the whole of Webmin ca be ignored.

The other topic problem was that any move to the Dashboard reset the (current) Page to the top domain alphabetically. Now it remembers it but does not show the default page at all.

Maybe but kindly point me to it because I can’t find it.

As you can see I have set “Default page” for both to be “Dashboard”
and “Load Default page on tab switch” to Yes".

Which in my understanding means that the “Dashboard” page will be loaded when I move between the main tabs.

You’re point makes. However, I’m not sure what would be the best solution for this problem at the moment.

Perhaps, we should always return to previously used content page, as we already return to previous used virtual server in navigation menu?

well mine is set like this … seems to work fine

Edit :-
I cleared the theme cache and now experience the same behavior :man_shrugging:

When we use the Webmin Tab it always goes to Dashboard as expected. The difference between these two primary tabs is the presence of the dropdown list of VS that is arranged alphabetically.

I would set a “flag” to indicate the “current” rather than using the “drop list of VS” which it seems to be using. (it only needs to know the “current VS” when going to a VS page so in Webmin the flag is empty/null) so the "current would be the content of the flag or content of last VS (never the first in the list)

Yes, I have learn’t before just updating theme is not enough, you have to clear the cache as well. Also to log off and back into Virtualmin. And of course same with the browser being used - for good measure!

Alright, the latest patches to the theme fixes it. @Stegan You can go to theme configuration page and install another (development) update to give it a try.

This version will go to the next Webmin release. @Jamie, are we ready for another small Webmin and Usermin updates?

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:+1:t2:Thanks for all the effort. that looks like a fix. (I do hope your day was better than mine.)

Edit: Just remember to clear cache or it will not work.

Yes, I’m just fixing up a few small issues i found during tests…

Great, thanks!

I’ve also made a few fixes today. Please include them too.

Would this update have caused my issue? My issue is that I am running: Authentic 21.04 and my Usermin UI is fine but my Webmin UI is the old version and I cant update or fix it.

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I fixed this on my server, if anyone is still having an issue message Me.

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