Authentic theme progress bar

I have been trying to change the progress bar at the top of the page, I do not have the greatest eyesight and would like it to be just a touch thicker. I tried going into the style.css file and adding this

.progress-bar {
height: 10px; /* Adjust the height as needed */

I didn’t seem to effect it, I tired to inspect the element and it says its called ‘nightrider’ and I have searched the forums and not found the answer. I have liked everything in webmin so far, I just would like to have a thicker progress bar.

Thanks and keep being awesome.

OS type and version Debian Linux 12
Webmin version 2.105
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I agree that should probably be thicker by default, and certainly should be configurable. It’s pretty tiny. I’ll ask @Ilia to chime in.

Thanks for the heads up, @Joe!

@Anomen341 You can go to theme configuration page, click Theme Extensions button at the bottom of the page, and on the opened page add:

.top-aprogress {
    height: 4px;

… so it looks like this:


Thank you that helps so much.
Have a awesome weekend.


You’re welcome! Next Authentic theme release will have slightly larger bouncy-loader.

… and we can use the reverse of this code height:2px; to make it thin and more obscure again?
Some, like me, like it the way it is (not in your face)

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My eyesight isn’t that good but I have a 27" monitor and a pair of ‘full size bifocals’ that I use when doing computer work. To me, the red is enough to catch the eye. @Anomen341 Are you just ‘detail’ challenged or do you have color issues also? Or both?

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The change will be literally half a pixel, so it will be insignificantly larger, though yes, you can use the suggested code to make it smaller.

Honestly, I think it’s none of your business. The request is legit and you shouldn’t challenge if you don’t know the requester‘s motifs. It isn’t always the obvious.

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Do you write the same complaint to Google about their Material Design? Maybe some people are just more talented in style.

@ID10T completely agree with you.

This is not personal at all. It is a valid UI design question. Those without these problems forget about those with them. Is it legit to change the whole interface for ONE user? OP is free not to answer so…

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You just “gently” forced them to do so. There are disabilities that can’t be seen by the outside world. By challenging the requester you bluntly disqualified yourself. No-one knows about the origins of the requests but calling them out like you did is clearly the wrong way forward.

Oh good grief. I haven’t seen an answer so where is the force? I asked a valid UI question to a mostly anonymous poster. You build empathy through understanding, not by ignoring.

I’d prefer no bar for performance reasons. So…

Go ahead, get in the ‘last shot’ since it appears you must. I’m out of this.


@ID10T I don’t want to change anything for everyone, I just wanted to know if it could done, how to do and for my own setup. @MantasU Yes I do question some of googles design choices, but you can get an API from them and write your own interface for the parts I use so I just do that. Making the bar 2px thicker helps me, I don’t expect it to help anyone else and I wasn’t trying to change anything for anyone else. Have a good one gang :smiley:


Honestly, if I knew it was there, I’d learned to tune it out. :wink:

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