Authentic theme on iOS16. Left slider will not stay in view

OS type and version AlmaLinux 8.7
Webmin version 2.021
Authentic Theme version 20.21

Has anybody else noticed an issue on iOS 16.4, Safari when logged into Virtualmin?
The left slider (when you touch the hamburger) slides into view OK but retracts immediately.
The right slider (when you touch the notification bell icon) works correctly and stays in place until dismissed

If I am very quick I can just touch one of the left slider items, but if I try to scroll down it retracts again.
This means I am unable to get to the logout button/icon.

The same issue occurs with Firefox version 111.2 on iOS 16
iOS 12,5,7 works correctly.
Chrome 111.0 on Android 10 works correctly.

I’m on Linux, but I need a minimum width for the panel to stay open. Try maximizing your window. Also try zooming out if that doesn’t do it. May or may not help but might eliminate something.

You make a good point that screen size can affect the display but it’s not the case here - at least not directly. On the iPhone I can’t zoom in any meaningful way, and it does work on older iPhone (and iOS) with the same size screen.
But thanks anyway :slight_smile:

yes i have the same issue with ios 16.4 and safari . I just logged in to make a post about it , but i just saw your post.

Another post here regarding VPN access reminded me to try the old framed theme, but this produced a display of “ERROR - FILE NOT FOUND” on the iPhone and was unusable.

Thanks for the heads up. This is a known and already fixed issue!

how to install dev theme ? i get en error

Disable updates for Usermin first, and. then updates will work.

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thanks, works on ios 16.4

Many thanks Ilia.

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