Authentic Theme Issue

I updated to latest Webmin (1.870) and Cloudmin (9.03kvm GPL), and then did a clean install on a fresh Ubuntu 16.04 Server, and was unable to access Cloudmin GPL. The Authentic Theme said it was Cloudmin version 9.03kvm PRO (which it wasn’t).

I managed to get into cloudmin after switching to “Old Webmin Theme”.

It appears as though the Cloudmin GPL issue I previously reported might just be an issue with the “Authentic Theme” that is causing Cloudmin GPL to fail.

Same issue here.

Following a system upgrade to Webmin 1.870 ans using the Authentic Theme, I have an issue with the Cloudmin tab which is now empty and showing “Cloudmin version 9.3. kvm pro”, while I am running Cloudmin GPL.

Switching to “Old Webmin Theme” I can click the “Cloudmin GPL for KVM” link which leads to the “Cloudmin Managed Systems” page with all KVM management features.

The “Authentic Theme” seems broken now.

Follow up to this issue…

I switched to “Old Webmin Theme” and played around with that for a while.

Then, on a hunch, rebooted the server… Then I switched it back to “Authentic Theme” and all appears to be working perfectly now.

So not clear what’s happening, but this process got it working for me.

  • I switched to Old Webmin Theme, did some stuff then rebooted the main server
  • I switched back to “Authentic Theme” then rebooted (again) but I still have nothing

I guess I’ll stick with Old Webmin Theme for a while, then retry your method someday. Until someone finds a reliable way to bring back the content of the cloudmin menu.