Authentic Theme 21.04 release overview

The list of improvements and fixes since version 20.21:

:warning:  The latest version of Authentic Theme 21.04 requires Webmin 2.100 and Usermin 2.000 to work properly. Do not attempt to install the theme manually!


  • Add better filtering unsafe content to prevent possible XSS attacks
  • Fix print email functionality for Read User Mail module (for both Webmin and Usermin)
  • Fix checkbox positioning for Webmin Users module


  • Fix to check if system uptime is set before displaying it in the dashboard #1664
  • Fix to support correctly displaying Usermin development version in the dashboard


  • Fix module version detection for Virtualmin virtualmin/virtualmin-gpl#597
  • Fix locales processed by browser #1663
  • Fix to disable column layout for suggested DNS records page in Virtualmin
  • Fix not working maximum pagination option in File Manager webmin#1958


  • Add optional feature to open collapsed panels on cursor proximity virtualmin/virtualmin-gpl#590
  • Add support for mouse middle click to open links in new tab virtualmin/virtualmin-gpl#588
  • Add support for screen reader mode in Terminal module
  • Fix aligns inside of buttons in scaled resolutions


  • Add new column layout mode with variations
  • Add list of theme hotkeys in single help screen (F1)
  • Add significant improvements to the dark palette
  • Add support for the new read and reply mail features
  • Fix support for the latest iOS versions
  • Fix to correctly flip hardcoded hotkeys on Mac
  • Fix VNC display and positioning in Cloudmin
  • Fix showing a false-positive error pop-up in Cloudmin when changing servers
  • Fix mailbox selection in navigation menu in Usermin usermin#84
  • Fix choosers work correctly in proxy mode
  • Fix not to display splash screen when changing expired password
  • Fix elements positioning in password reset form
  • Fix plenty of other bugs and add various improvements


  • Add to allow setting host and protocol in custom links #904#issuecomment-1482540434
  • Fix to interrupt previous call when getting navigation menu content
  • Fix issues when opening navigation menu on iOS devices #1652
  • Fix custom selects when loaded from cache
  • Fix labels wrapping in File Manager
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