Authentic Theme 20.21 release overview

The list of improvements and fixes since version 20.10:

:warning:  The latest version of Authentic Theme 20.21 requires Webmin 2.021 to work properly. Do not attempt to install the theme manually!


  • Add support for displaying symlinked folders in file tree-view in File Manager
  • Fix insecure downloads by symlink in File Manager
  • Fix to make symlinks editable if file type allows in File Manager
  • Fix to properly clear navigation menu links cache


  • Add significant improvements to performance of the dashboard


  • Add ability to automatically adjust the number of visible rows in File Manager
  • Add support for a new set ACLs feature in File Manager
  • Add support for the new locale feature
  • Fix not to wrap domain suggestions autocomplete dropdown in Virtualmin
  • Fix to improve text visibility of disabled switch in navigation menu #1644
  • Fix page progress work when migrating virtual server in Virtualmin
  • Fix consequent page load after saving File Manager config page
  • Fix to make sure that status collection never runs twice
  • Fix to properly create and submit download forms
  • Update dependencies


  • Fix error handling issue
  • Fix domain autocomplete helper issue on page scroll
  • Fix to properly dismiss domain autocomplete helper on history actions


  • Fix menu scroll inertia #1640
  • Fix to style fatal errors properly
  • Fix not to hide errors when collecting system status
  • Fix Firefox wrongly opening inner link on dropdown change in checked row


  • Fix to auto-orient autocomplete dropdown and not auto-scroll navigation menu
  • Fix multiple bugs for Read User Mail module (for both Webmin and Usermin)
  • Fix to clearly distinct icons used for terminal and command shell
  • Fix stand alone terminal container height and fit on initial load
  • Fix to escape current path passed to terminal in File Manager
  • Fix to set the dashboard to be default page for Virtualmin
  • Fix text visibility of search label in file editor and viewer
  • Fix support for Azure Storage provider when searching


  • Add connection error pop-up for in-built Terminal webmin#1798
  • Add better support for older browsers
  • Fix not to scroll Terminal page on desktops
  • Fix to improve color contrast for in-built file editor
  • Fix automatic height adjustment for in-built file editor
  • Fix upgrade Webmin button color and icon in the dashboard
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