Authentic Theme 20.10 release overview

The list of fixes since version 20.02:

  • Add full support for a new Terminal module (interactive shell)

  • Add autocomplete helper when typing domain names in Virtualmin

  • Fix context menu positioning to keep in viewport in File Manager

  • Fix deleting to trash for jailed virtual servers in File Manager

  • Fix further line heights issues with various progressive outputs

  • Fix to prevent changing forms state on autofill in initial page load

This theme release cannot be installed on Webmin versions 2.001, but you should expect it to be shipped with Webmin 2.010 in the near future.


Yay! Thank you for this.

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Ilia and Jamie put so much work into the new Terminal! It is really deceptive…it seems like a simple problem, but it’s actually a tremendous amount of code. Jamie had to implement WebSockets in Webmin’s, and Ilia had to do a ton of work on the frontend (both the popup version and the standalone version in the Webmin menu, which needed different code). We had to pull in some additional Perl modules that aren’t available in the OS repos, and Ilia refactored how Perl modules are packaged and loaded. Just all around a huge endeavor.

But, we can finally stop confusing people with a popup shell that gives obscure errors when anybody tries to use it like a real terminal. :tada:


Woow, this is great chunk of work!
Thank you Webmin for providing this wonderful masterpiece :slightly_smiling_face:

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so … can we use it with webmin 1.999 or older?

or is this just a TEASE and we all have to wait for webmin 2.010 (or higher/future versions) to appear in the VirtualMin repos ??

You’ll have to wait for the next Webmin release. It needs WebSockets support in Webmin, which doesn’t exist until 2.010. There are bugs in 2.010, though, which prevents the terminal from working, so I’m waiting on those to get sorted out to push to Virtualmin repos. One of these days I’ll be able to convince Ilia not to pre-announce stuff.

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