Authentic Theme 19.98 release overview

The list of new features and fixes since version 19.97:

  • Add ability to notify user if restarting Webmin failed upon upgrade
  • Fix regression for missing install Usermin panel as Chrome application
  • Fix regression for missing notification when theme upgraded in background
  • Fix algorithm for fetching same content page when switching domains in Virtualmin
  • Fix server name when added to favorites in Virtualmin and Cloudmin
  • Fix password meter to be displayed on field focus as well
  • Fix to preserve manifest links upon manual upgrade
  • Fix to better balance tables with four cells in row
  • Fix progressive output text padding for older pages
  • Fix tiny buttons generation for PHP and AWStats modules
  • Fix buttons icon row bottom margin in Cluster modules
  • Fix graphs display in Partitions on Local Disks module
  • Fix display of scheduled backups page and its destinations section in Virtualmin
  • Fix to refrain from displaying connection error popup during progressive calls and initial setup

This theme release cannot be installed (yet!) on Webmin versions 1.994, and you must expect it to be shipped with Webmin 1.998 and Usermin 1.853, and released to Virtualmin repos soon!


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