Authentic Theme 19.95.2-19.97 release overview

The list of new features and fixes since version 19.95.1:

  • Add ability to store user column sorting on table basis when listing in File Manager
  • Add better support for hotkeys management on Mac in File Manager #1604
  • Add ability to get same content page for all links as switching domains in Virtualmin
  • Add hotkeys for opening module and theme config
  • Fix main module title and subtitle positioning
  • Fix parsing response text on server error #1606
  • Fix table header link buttons text overflow in mobile mode
  • Fix subject encoding issue when listing mail in Usermin usermin#80
  • Fix not to display copy system information button in Usermin
  • Fix color palettes contrast ratio
  • Fix on hover color for active links in navigation menu
  • Fix to force full backup level with zip compression format in Virtualmin

This theme release cannot be installed (yet, again!) on Webmin versions 1.994, and you must expect it to be shipped with Webmin 1.997 and Usermin 1.852. Sorry about the delay with Webmin and Usermin releases, as we were discovering various bugs that we wanted to be fixed first.


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