Authentic Theme 19.91.3-19.95 release overview

The list of notable fixes and new features since version 19.91.2:

  • Add enhanced support for a new log viewer module [upcoming in Webmin 1.995]
  • Add support for showing a new proxy status icon with Cloudflare DNS in Virtualmin
    [upcoming in Virtualmin 7.2]
  • Add minor visual improvements to login screen
  • Fix pasting files on conflicting targets in File Manager
  • Fix failing on moving to and clearing trash in File Manager
  • Fix to display upload progress instantaneously in File Manager [upcoming in Webmin 1.995]
  • Fix to unlock controls when simply closing target conflict modal in File Manager
  • Fix safe user breadcrumb navigation in File Manager
  • Fix to improve table header link buttons in mobile mode
  • Fix to improve a message about expired versions on the dashboard
  • Fix config highlight for Nginx
  • Fix text contrast inside of alert boxes
  • Fix to quicker dismiss connection error modal
  • Fix clock icon align for scheduled jobs in Virtualmin
  • Fix dashboard draggables when interacting with its content
  • Fix to forbid unprivileged user to query and read system statistics
  • Fix regression bug when moving through user history (back/forward)
  • Fiх to always check on passed file parameter authentic-theme:CVE-2022-30708
  • Fix default main accent color for navigation menu
  • Fix contrast ratio for non-default palettes
  • Fix contrast levels for links, labels and badges with dark palette #1599
  • Fiх module config to populate non-translated options with other languages virtualmin-gpl#390
  • Fiх tooltips for UI locale page #1594
  • Fiх buttons to be displayed unconditionally on the dashboard #1591
  • Fix bandwidth graphs in Cloudmin
  • Fix default module selection in Usermin
  • Fix scrollbars inside of viewer and editor windows #1601
  • Fix scroll bar visibility inside drop-down list

This theme release cannot be installed on Webmin versions 1.994 and below. Please expect it to be shipped within next day or two with Webmin 1.995 and Usermin 1.850.

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