Authentic Theme 19.85 releases overview (delayed)

The list of notable fixes and new features since version 19.84:

  • Add improved focus state for elements to support navigation using keyboard with tab key

  • Add reworked toast notifications with better support for mobile devices

  • Add basic theme API for module developers authentic-theme/wiki/API

  • Add ability to switch between other remote Webmin servers from navigation menu:

  • Add ability to copy system information to clipboard from the dashboard

  • Add ability for submitting support tickets using the dashboard for Virtualmin Pro users

  • Add ability to optionally control existing file overwrite upon compress/decompress in File Manager

  • Add support to copy text from draggable by holding ⎇ key

  • Add further multiple improvements to elements align across various browsers/platforms

  • Add an option to disable auto folding inactive categories in navigation menu

  • Add support for filtering server templates options in Virtualmin

  • Add visual improvements to Bandwidth Usage submodule in Virtualmin

  • Add various improvements and fixes to Edit Databases submodule in Virtualmin

  • Add ability to detach edited file to a separate editor in Custom Commands module

  • Add various visual improvements to Webmin Actions Log module

  • Add visual improvements to PHP Options submodule in Virtualmin

  • Add better support for a new upcoming version of Virtualmin Support module

  • Add multiple improvements for ConfigServer Security & Firewall module support

  • Add Virtualmin community link to the dashboard

  • Fix system monitors icons for System and Server Status module

  • Fix to avoid fetching navigation menu on simple domain selection on Virtualmin Virtual Servers page

  • Fiх upload tracker for safe user in File Manager #1576

  • Fiх configuration page work in File Manager when opened in a separate tab

  • Fix to display delete/move to trash button color conditionally based on option in File Manager

  • Fix calculations of directory size in File Manager to be error resilient

  • Fix regression bug for spinner positioning in File Manager on retrieving directory size

  • Fix returning to module index after saving configuration in File Manager

  • Fix various bugs for FTP Directory Restrictions submodule in Virtualmin

  • Fix table rendering upon submit for Backup Virtual Servers submodule in Virtualmin

  • Fiх false redirection after opening a link in HTTP Tunnel module virtualmin/virtualmin-gpl#358

  • Fiх highlight syntax detection for Custom Commands module when editing a file webmin#1591

  • Fix Custom Commands module support in Usermin

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