Authentic Theme 19.84 release overview

Authentic Theme 19.84 has been released.

This version of the theme must not be installed standalone. Expect it to be shipped with a new Webmin version in the near future.

The list of notable fixes and new features since version 19.82:

  • Added ability for administrators to broadcast messages to other users on the system:



  • Added support for remote products versions fetching for displaying outdated on the Dashboard – if an admin misses to install updates on time, when visiting the Dashboard, if outdated and already available for install, a version of Webmin, Usermin, Virtualmin or Cloudmin will be shown in red;

  • Added an option to automatically convert tab key press to spaces when editing a file in File Manager;

  • Added a new hotkey Ctrl+Alt+C to copy filename with full path to clipboard in File Manager;

  • Added better display for options Directory Upload and Extract Compressed when uploading in File Manager (new feature in upcoming Webmin release);:

  • Added support for creating multiple symlinks at once in File Manager;

  • Added support for purging trash in File Manager:

  • Added ability to install a panel as Chrome application on desktop or mobile device;

  • Updated numerous of major upstream libraries;

  • Removed easy way for updating the theme in case of dependency incompatibility using UI;

  • Fixed server redirects upon form submissions with Servers Index module and other regression issues in proxy modes;

  • Fiхed layout for more advanced commands in Custom Commands module:

  • Fiхed navigation detection with URLs containing query (e.g. multiple PHP configuration links in navigation menu, when virtual server PHP execution mode is set to CGI/FCGId);

  • Fixed BIND module highlight syntax when editing manually;

  • Fixed progressive output fetching when HTML is present (e.g. Virtualmin config check page with alert banner at the top);

  • Fixed support for displaying CPU fans details nicely (new feature in upcoming Webmin release);

  • Fixed nested indent prints for progressive output in Virtualmin (e.g. any mass operations);

  • Fixed to always reset previous search for data tables on full page reload (e.g. making search on List Virtual Servers page and reloading the page resulted in scary looking empty table).

Let me know if you stumble against anything or have any suggestions/questions.

The full set of changes and fixes can be found on authentic-theme/ page.


Great to see things being developed. Personally like Custom Commands module as can use it for snippets. The Administrator’s Notes addon is useless. Should have the ability to store notes as tabs similar to a proper notes service.

For admins – notes are stored. For other users it’s a persistent pop-up (for now), displayed until dismissed (making sure it’s getting read). It may be used by admins to notify users about maintenance, for example.

Perhaps, I will add a floating panel to store notes for users.

Practice shows what useless for one can be crucially important for others.

The idea was to have a better implementation of older motd, which users could read upon login.

The useless part is the in-ability to store notes. To create notes between admins/users or one way - great, but storing notes even better. When you roam/travelling and limited with gadgets - its handy to be able to browse own/others notes in a central place.

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