Authentic Theme 19.80 release overview

Authentic Theme 19.80 has been released and will be shipped with upcoming Webmin 1.980 and Usermin 1.830.

The list of notable fixes and new features since version 19.74:

  1. Added improvements to various aspects of the UI:

    • Improved checkboxes for tables with checked rows
    • Improved buttons and other elements positioning
    • Improved scaling for radios when page is zoomed in
    • Improved cross-browser and cross-platform page rendering
    • Updated default fonts to support all languages
  2. Added new properties popup for File Manager to display overall file details. It can be called by using context menu or hotkeys, such as Alt+Enter or ⌘ + I   #629/comment-851638537

  3. Added support for reverting theme settings to existing when page is not saved #1538

  4. Fiхed file tree-view issues when used with various allowed paths in File Manager webmin/webmin#1487

  5. Fixed emails printing and other UI issues for Read User Mail module

  6. Fiхed bugs for Servers Index module #1540

  7. Fixed various of other issues

Let me know if you stumble against anything.

The full set of changes and fixes can be found on authentic-theme/ page.


I tried to update but it keeps staying on version 19.75 and also prompts me that I don’t have the latest version of Usermin even though I do. Any suggestions on how to get this to update?

Yes, this issue is already sorted out. At the moment the only way to work around this is to update to the latest development version.

With updating to the development version, would this potentially make the system unstable? If and when a stable release is available, would it let me go back to a stable version or would it be locked into development?

would it let me go back to a stable version or would it be locked into development?

Yes, you can go back to any version you need by running the following command:

webmin update-devel --product webmin --theme 19.74

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