Authentic Theme 19.74 release overview

Authentic Theme 19.74 has been released and will be shipped with upcoming Webmin 1.974.

The list of notable fixes and new features since version 19.73:

  1. Add branding splash screen on initial loading

  2. Add complete navigation menu code refactoring, improving speed and stability

  3. Add ability to load the same content page on domain select in Virtualmin and Cloudmin - this feature has been requested for may times in the past, and eventually was added. For example, if you’re on SSL Certificate page for and you switch from navigation menu to the page SSL Certificate will be loaded for automatically (if available)

  4. Add to display a link to reload the page when the theme upgraded in background - if you update Webmin package on the console, UI will display a pop up asking to reload the page to update, to prevent possible issues

  5. Add an option to force stats collection when tab is not focused (not recommended to be used) webmin/webmin#1460

  6. Add to display a question mark icon next to any help link which brings tooltip, and improve formatting and display of popovers help


  7. Added many other improvements and fixes

Let me know if anything doesn’t work for you.

The full set of changes and fixes can be found on authentic-theme/ page.


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