Attempted to fix issue with Postfix, ended up using, Woops

OS type and version Ubuntu 22.04
Webmin version 2.021
Virtualmin version 7.5
Related packages SUGGESTED

I attempted to rectify postfix issues (not starting, no activity on port 25) by unintstalling postfix via Webmin Configuration, uploaded postfix.wbm, installed it, it required the latest webmin 2.021, so in effort to update my 1.9xx version, I went and ran
This allowed me to install postfix, but since then, under the Virtualmin tab, the menu only shows “Dashboard”. The drop down server selector, Create new Virtual Server, Edit Virtual Server, System, etc are all now missing.

I then downloaded virtual-server-7.5.gpl.wbm, uploaded it, installed it with Webmin Config > Webmin Modules, thinking that would rectify the issue.
Am I right in thinking I need to downgrade Webmin back to 1.9xx to rectify the issue?
If thats the case, what cli command will allow me to do this?

Ridiculously I haven’t backed up the Virtual Servers, Data, SQL, Settings etc yet, as it’s a relatively new setup. Ideally I dont want to loose these either.

Thanks Y’all!

Sorry everyone! I resolved the issue, while maintaining Webmin 2.021 and Virtualmin 7.5.
I installed postfix via the Webmin Configuration > Install via APT (search for postfix) and Install.
I re-ran the Re-Check Configuration Files and it stated BIND DNS Server wasn’t installed, Re-Installed that through the clickable install links, Now rebooted, going to check the config files once more, and I am now able to see the Virtual Server Menu contents!

Don’t do that.

Reinstalling software should be so far down the list of things to try to solve problems that it literally never rises to the top. It is never the shortest path to a working system, and usually breaks something new.

Also, it sounds like you uninstalled and reinstalled the Postfix Webmin module, which is not Postfix. It has nothing to do with whether Postfix can start or stop.

Oh no! This is getting much worse. Don’t ever do this. If you installed Virtualmin using our install script, the virtual-server module would be installed using a proper OS package (a deb, in your case) from our repository (apt in your case). wbm packages are for systems that do not have reasonable package management features; that is not you. Ubuntu has dpkg and apt.

No! Egads, I’m watching this unfold in a state of absolute horror.

Re-installing things is not fixing things.

Sorry, I’m ranting at you, you’re not the first person to approach problems this way (reinstalling random things until something changes).

I just want to make sure that anyone that finds this thread in the future understands that all of the things you did made things worse and should not be done to try to solve similar problems. It pretty much can only ever make things worse, unless you actually know there is something wrong with the package contents; i.e. there’s some reason to believe the software has been altered in some way. Note that I’m saying “the software”, and not “the configuration for the software”, which is actually where problems happen 99.9% of the time. Configuration is not fixed by uninstalling/reinstalling.

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So my solution was rather still broken in other areas… Thankfully I had the ability to back up the whole server, minus the mail configurations for the virtual servers. I had Virtualmin installed on a HP DL360 G7, (far better specs) and restored everything, re routed the router firewall ports to the new IP, and now have everything working. And today I’m setting up snapshot backups so in the future if an issue arises, I can snap back to a point where it was working :slight_smile: your input has been very valuable insight and taken on board. Thanks Joe!

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