Attachment View / Save reversed

OS type and version RHEL 9.1
Webmin version 2.013
Usermin version 7.5

Using Usermin as webmail, there is an email with a pdf attachment

The options on the right are to View - which prompts where to save the file, or Save which opens the file in a pdf viewer.

Can @staff check this out please?


I have 3 buttons. View, Open and Save. View and Open buttons in case of PDF attachment just preview the document, and Save button saves (downloads) it to the computer.

What is wrong here?

I just checked, only 2 buttons on both GPL and PRO, both work backwards on my system.

Mine has only 2 like yours but it does download even though it open up.

I missed that it downloaded too as it does Save rather than Save As, and it it went to a different folder than I was using and looking in for the Save As file.

Save As is better as you get that choice and also warnings of multiple copies.

I would prefer that the View just does a View without a save and then the Save should do Save As without a View.

But this is not VIrtualmin’s fault. Your browser simply doesn’t know how to handle .pdf format.

It works for me in Chrome as expected.

Firefox is handling pdf files, else they wouldn’t open or save.

Interesting that Chrome also gives you 3 buttons whereas my Firefox (up to date) only shows 2.
Not sure what browser Stefan is using, but he also only gets 2 buttons.

Is that cause to investigate this issue a bit further?

I’m a firefox man, but I tried chrome still only 2 button but its just downloads the pdfs. Look like its the way the browser handles it.

Using Usermin 1.861 and Firefox 109.0.1, I can confirm the behavior that @Ilia describes above:

A small extra detail in my case is that in the case of Save button, the PDF attachment is saved to the computer and then the browser opens it (the saved file) immediately

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