Atomic operations in the Virtualmin.

Hi guys,

The Virtualmin often performs a several crucial operations at one time (e.g. creation, renaming, removing virtual server etc.). If the problem occures somewhere by the way, Virtualmin stops, leaving system and services in the inconsistent state, what usually results in:

  • impossibility to start services (WWW, DNS, MAIL etc.).
  • impossibility to create the same account one more time when problems where fixed.
  • data and configuration partly created or removed.

I think it’s a must to implement in the virtualmin some rollback/check mechanism which will prevent such situations. Some solutions comes to my mind:

  1. Rollback mechanism:
    If something went wrong, Virtualmin would undo all previous opertions till error occured.

  2. Check mechanism:
    Virtualmin could do some checks, if it’s able to successfully finish all necessery operations before perform them in real.

Best regards,