Assign Bulk IP Addresses?

Created a Centos 7 KVM instance but I cannot see any way to add additional IPs or even assign bulk IPs. Please explain.


System configuration -> Network interfaces?

Or just do it on the guest itself

Yes I’m referring to adding for example a /24 to a guest VM, after using the create new VM instance option in the admin panel. Is this possible? If yes, please explain how.

With Solus VM, it is not possible. You have to add IPs one by one.


Assigning /24 to one VM is not possible. Cloudmin has a list of IPs it can use. It assigns one to a VM when created. Adding other IPs to a VM is just a matter of adding eth0:!, eth0:2, etc with other IPs. This is done either in the VM itself or via cloudmin menu. Pick the VM from the list, system configuration, network interfaces and add a virtual interface with a new ip.

Assigning /24 to cloudmin machine itself IS possible. And then VMs will get IPs doled out from that /24 subnet. Maybe that what you meant?

Thanks but that’s not what I meant. I specifically want to assign a /24 per individual VM instances.

I assume those VMs with a /24 will then automatically assign an ip to a service or user? Like if virtualmin was running on the VM, each new website would get a new Ip from the /24 subnet? Is that type thing you’re trying to do?

It’s for VPN services, one VM per VPN service provider that signs up. They will set up the actual vpn services internally using their assigned /24, for example.

Ok so there is no possible workaround for this or some plugin? I want to create VM instances and assign for example a straight /24 block or /21 block.


Would appreciate a response. Further, would be a nice feature addon if this can be implemented. I think it’s a simple small feature but vital, very useful for many users or admins at least.