on Linux

I wonder if anyone has experience with on Linux?
If so, which version.
Debian (12) or Ubuntu (22.04)
With apache or nginx
Which works the easiest and best

Is there really nobody who have tried it?
I don´t like Windows and it´s also not possible to manage with virtualmin.

Virtualmin doesnt have this functionality. But you can set it up with both Apache and Nginx in most linux distros. Use Microsoft Learn website to configure it. I have not done it personally but have seen some companies do it.

I think it is more productive to ask Google what it thinks about and Linux. You will be surprised how many results it gives you.

There is nothing unique about a Virtualmin system. From a brief look at the website and install docs, I don’t see anything that would be any different.

You’d proxy to your dotnet apps just like you’d proxy to a nodejs or Ruby on Rails or Python app, and that’s the same in Apache/nginx with Virtualmin as it is without (and Virtualmin Pro has a simplified page for managing some types of proxy rules).

I have never tried I have seen people mention it a few times over the years, but it just doesn’t come up much.

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