Are temporary Pro licenses available for trying it out?

I was wondering if temporary 1 domain licenses were available for trying out Virtualmin Pro? I’m trying to get a feel for the differences between GPL and Pro and the compare page doesn’t really have enough information. If I could get a temporary serial then I could explore it on my own.

Or, better yet, is there a demo server available anywhere?


Nevermind, I found the online demo for Virtualmin Pro :).


Trial licenses are coming at some point here – it takes some modifications to how the licensing system works, so we (meaning Jamie :wink: has to rework some code before it’ll work.

But we’d definitely like to provide trial licenses – but even now, if you buy it and don’t like it, there’s a 45 day return policy. We hope you’ll like it, but if for whatever reason you don’t, no problem, just let us know within 45 days and the money you spend on the license will be refunded.