Applicaitons Installers

This is going to sound like a really dumb question, however, the dumber it sounds highlights how ridiculous it is that i cannot find out using the documentation how i am supposed to use them…

The following new features are available in Virtualmin 5.07 …
Updated script installers
Updated the FosWiki script installer to version 2.1.3, WHMCS to 6.3.2 and 7.1.1, Node.js to 7.6.0, Magento to 2.1.5, Ghost to 0.11.7, DokuWiki to 2017-02-19a, NextCloud to 11.0.2 and 10.0.4, Piwik to 3.0.2, and Coppermine to 1.5.46.

How am i supposed to access these from within virtualmin exactly? I cannot find anything in documentation that explains htf we are supposed to use them. All i can find is this page…

righto, so it would help if the documentation actually said that these scripts are not available on my parent system…only if i create a virtual server using webmin/virtualmin.

I have found the scripts now.

Where did you find them?

I am trying to install Magento but so many issues


they are found in virtualmin>install scripts

As soon as you install Virtualmin, the install scripts menu appears down the left colum. I think you need Virtualmin professional to see the full list of installers menu as this functionality is part of the pro version. The pro version is worth paying $6/month even to test out…i just dished out a full year subscription for $60 even though i am testing it to compare with other cp’s.

As an alternative, you can actually go online to Installatron and configure it to install scripts to your websites for free and without having Installatron itself on your server. All you(or your clients) need to do is register a free installatron account, then choose Installatron Remote (Installatron IR- the middle of the 3 package options from the main image on the home page). The installer does everything from there and is very easy to use.