API Useage Values

OS type and version Ubuntu 20.04
Webmin version 2.03
Virtualmin version 7.5

We built some software that would communicate with the Virtualmin API to gather information about the websites we are hosting on the server (the specifics above are only for a legacy server that we administer, most are much more up to date).
The software retrieves the data from the API no problem. We want to be able to at least show what the overall useage is on the server (preferably also per virtual server) in terms of HDD, CPU and bandwidth but the only useage figure we seem to be retrieving by list-domains is the values for the size of the database.

Can anyone advise please ?

That system is so far out of date I’m surprised it even works at all.

Ubuntu 14 end of life was 4 years ago.

We’re presently on Virtualmin 7.5 and Webmin 2.013.

rolls eyes my fault I left myself open for that by posting an old server (despite mentioning it was only a legacy server). I have updated the details to a more relevant server.

That is all shown on the built in Dashboard. If you want to show it someplace else in some other app, you’d have to use the command line api.

Most all of the commands you would need for that are listed here:


Aaah ok thanks for the clarification - I did wonder as it wasn’t mentioned. Ok I will go take a look at the cli and implementing that. Thanks!

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