Apache2 test pagestill showing after drupal upload

Hi I uploaded drupal 6.3 and drupal modules to my server. However I still see the apache2 test page. I tried uploading it to public_html. and /. Is there something I have to do to activate these chages? Or am I uploading to the wrong place?

nevermind the test page told me what to do. /var/www/html/.

nevermind the test page told me what to do. /var/www/html/.

That’s never where Virtualmin puts things. Are you sure you’ve got your box configured correctly?

Check the troubleshooting common problems guide…it sounds like you’ve got NameVirtualHost or VirtualHost problems:


nevermindthe nevermind that didn’t work unless it takes a while.

No, it doesn’t take a while. You’ve got a misconfiguration somewhere. :wink:

Apache might need to be told that index.php is a valid index page.

this may sound stupid, but you need to remove the existing index.html file. It has priority over the index.php file that your CMS is probably using.