Apache wont start when restoring website from virtualmin backup

Hi, I got a website working on a test VPS using virtualmin, downloaded it as a backup and restored it to a live VPS using virtualmin restore feature and then apachie would not start. I then used virtualmin to delete the restored domain and now apachie works again on the live server. Can any one point me to where I could look to get this domain to work with apachie as it does on the test server? The apachie versions are the same but the virtualmin versions differ:
Test VPS- virtualmin Version 7.1,
Live virtualmin Version 6.17

Could this be the reason? If so is there a way to get it working from virtualmin backup on the live server?


You should run systemctl status httpd (on RHEL systems) or systemctl status apache2 (on Debian/Ubuntu systems) after trying to start/restart Apache to see more details about why it’s failing.

Although, most likely your old Apache configs have php_admin_value and/or php_value or other php_ like directives from mod_php. Please make sure to manually remove/clear them and afterwards Apache starts, go to Virtualmin panel and virtual-server.name - Server Configuration ⇾ PHP Options page and toggle PHP mode, which will make configs to be regenerated, and most probably will solve your problem.

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