Apache website : No Apache virtual host for mydomain.com found


Hello i am quite new to Virtualmin. I have setup a server where i have few domains in the account, when i try to setup SSL i am facing following issues:

Apache website : No Apache virtual host for mydomain.com found

For new virtual host which i create without SSL works fine. And shows active. Here is the following command i am running.

virtualmin validate-domains --all-domains --feature web

So can someone suggest a way to enable this. As i can see my website is working fine. And seems to loading good, but this is not allowing me to install SSL on the virtual host i have created on domain mydomain.com.

Also when i run a2ensite mydomain.com.conf file seems to be enabled already.

Then why my No Virtual host can be found by virtualmin?

Also when i can find SSL based configuration file for apache in virtualmin as i can not find anyfile in /etc/apache2/sites-available like we generally find when we enable SSL using certbot.

Looking for any possible solution might be helpful. In case if you need any log feel free to let me know i will post it here.

Thank you!

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