Apache/Virtualmin getting confused at Vhost location?

I have my vhosts setup in /home/[websitename]/ which is fine and the websites do load fine. I also have the IP address set correctly in httpd.conf. But in the Apache log, it seems that every hit produces an error, and to me it suggests Virtualmin or Apache is still looking in ‘/var/www/html’ for content.

So as an example, I get around 5 of these per second:

[Sun Feb 17 22:34:28 2013] [error] [client] File does not exist: /var/www/html/forum

I’m getting the above for basically all directories depending on browsing patterns. I’ve been having cookie issues recently so I’m wondering if the above could be related.

Please can someone help me get rid of these errors? I’ve attached the httpd.conf and censored out the domains.


When you see that, it generally means there’s some sort of IP address mismatch in the Apache config.

Did you have a chance to peek through these docs:


They should help solve that. Note that if your server is behind a NAT router, you wouldn’t want to see your external IP address in the Apache config, you’d need to internal IP address.