Apache Version


For Virtualmin on Ubuntu 12.04 and Apache… I have relied on Virtualmin to check/run updates. However, I am a bit concerned that Apache remains at version Apache/2.2.22.

Should it not be at a later version? Is there something I am missing with relying on Virtualmin for updates?


The Apache version comes from your systems repository, in this case Ubuntu, by default. You can add others that contain a newer Apache version. Virtualmin simply runs the systems update commands (apt-get update and apt-get upgrade I believe for Ubuntu?). I cannot say with 100% confidence, since I do not run Ubuntu on any of my servers (I prefer CentOS), I know that fixes and security patches are backported, meaning even those the version is older, I am still receiving the security patches and such for the latest Apache version. You could of course compile Apache manually, as I do, if you really want the latest.

I hope this helps you, sorry I cannot be any more helpful, I am not really familiar with Ubuntu’s practices.



Yes, as Dustin mentioned, all bugfixes and security issues are backported into the Apache version that comes with Ubuntu.

That’s how things work with CentOS and Debian as well. A given distribution ships with a specific Apache version, and that Apache version is the only one available for the life of that distro.

The only supported way to get a newer Apache version would be to upgrade to a newer distro – but that’s not something that’s necessary unless there’s features you are missing… it’s completely up to date security-wise.


Thanks. That is exactly what I was looking for.