Apache template variables


I wanted to know if there is a variable available on the apache template that would be different on http vs https because i have duplicate issues in the configuration (in FastCgiExternalServer) the only thing i can think that could differentiate is to add something like


to the template , any other idea to acheive this as this variable seems to not exist.

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You can test on the variable ${SSL} to find if SSL is enabled.

You can see a list of template variables here:


I have this problem. Ssl variable returns 1 for both. Random5 also returns the same 5 numbers

yes but having ${ssl} cannot be used to change the way virtualmin create the vhost configuration has it use the very same template for both ssl and non ssl part of the apache virtualhost.

i mean i cannot put a conditional part for the ssl part of the vhost has $SSL is at 1 all the time not only when parsing the template for the SSL part of the vhost.

so $SSL cannot be used.