apache shows as down, but is not.

I have a centos host (cloudmin pro) and centos guests, all running virtualmin gpl, except one.
apache shows as down on the host as well as the gpl versions. The virtualmin pro guest is fine.
There is one ubuntu guest with VM GPL which has not this issue.

Apache shows as down on the information page and on the apache module page as well.
It may be a bug under Centos? Anyone has this too?


webmin/virtualmin looks for the PID file (process ID). If it doesn’t find it, it assumes apache is down. Open the webmin apache module, open the module config and switch to “system configuration”. At the bottom of the form you can specify the location of that file, the default is “work out automatically”.

It seems that webmin has issues figuring out all that PID location values, I’ve seen that some weeks ago when I switched a system from Ubuntu 8 LTS to Ubuntu 10 LTS.

Thanks for the tip.
The paths were set correctly though.
I had to kill all Apache processes and boot it up again per VPS.
Now it is working as expected.

I think it had to do with recent changes of IP and I didn’t set Apaches IP on the host.
Somehow the host and guests correlate although the guests are running in PV (paravirtualisation)