Apache Sever Template - For SSL site

As a recent convert from Cpanel we’re hoping we’re just missing something simple. We’re looking to modify the apache template for the SSL version of a server. The main purpose behind this is independent logging of the SSL/Non-SSL sites. So far we have tried this in the following location:

System Settings -> Server Templates -> Edit Server Template -> Apache website

and adding the following to the config;

ErrorLog /var/log/domlogs/${USER}/${DOM}${IF-SSL}ssl${ENDIF-SSL}error_log
CustomLog /var/log/domlogs/${USER}/${DOM}${IF-SSL}ssl${ENDIF-SSL}access_log combined

The part that never seems to work when rebuilding the config is the IF-SSL piece.

A couple of questions:

  1. Are we doing this correctly, both syntactically and in the correct place?
  2. Should deleting and re-adding the SSL server rebuild the config from scratch?

hi, on your domain where you want to use ssl… you dont need to recreate the site, just enable ssl for this site (select your desired domain and then down in virtualmin menu left side turn ssl on…) Once you activate it, head to ssl submenu a upload your ssl keys or generate self signed or use lets enctrypt free ssl…

to use your own location for logs, you should edit config files on apache for that desired domain… remember to restart apache after changes

no need to mess with templates.