Apache, MTA, bind and over from remote servers

Hi all! Sorry for my bad English.

I’m new Webmin/Virtualmin user, but have some skill for administration UNIX/Linux system.
But, end-user did’nt like shell, it’s like web-pannels.

I look for Viryalmin/Webmin, becouse it’s free pannel, and i don’t may pay from Cpannel, Plesk and overs pannel now.

I use 2 hardware hosts(in future, may be 3-4), and many VE containers (from OpenVZ).

I didn’t need to use webpannel for administration my VPS, but i need provide this pannels for some services from end-users, and don’t need VM2 for OpenVZ now(know, it’s for Xen and VServer only)

I get Remote MySQL how-to:


It’s very greate, It’s work. How i may get remote Apache, Postfix (or over MTA), Bind, etc hosts?
I want one pannel host, and some different host from some services. VZ take stable, becouse we may split one hardware server from many small servers, and, DDoS from one customer or bad php scripts of one of customer don’t affect hardware server.

Is it really?

Thank you.

so you want failover?
there are more than 1 posts about it in this forum, none giving a fit-like-a-glove solution, which is impossible.
run a search on failover and see what you can use from those posts