Apache/httpd virtual min version

Im trying to install the httpd-devel and its failing because VM used it’s own 2.2.3-43.el5.vm. The package needs 2.2.3-43.el5.centos.
Please what can be done?

Nevermind, it was a dependency issue. Sorry.

Yeah, the httpd-devel from CentOS may indeed need the CentOS httpd package.

Could you use the httpd-devel from the Virtualmin repo?

In theory, doing “yum install http-devel” should work, but it’s also available here for download:


Yes I did end up using the httpd-devel from the VM repo. But it wouldn’t install at first because it was missing about 10 dependancies. So I pulled down the file directly from the VM repo, then enabled the CentOS base repo, then did a yum install on the file itself and let the CentOS Base resolve the dependancies. So the end result was the .vm version is what I have installed because it had to match the regular httpd package which was also .vm. If it was .centos it would fail as they both had to be either .vm or both .centos.