Apache default site and listening on localhost

in an up to date ubuntu/webmin/virtualmin i have site A set as default in virtualmin settings.

the conf file for this site begins with < VirtualHost my.public.ip.address:80 >

for this reason this site was not the site being returned when i did “curl

so i changed the conf to read < VirtualHost *:80 >

and now “curl” works properly.

i had to do this because letsencrypt writes the file to http://siteA.com/.well-known/acme-challenge/Tv_7KYxf7P5ltsp0k8qzXkxxxxxxxxxxxx and when it curls it can’t obviously find the file.

so let’s encrypt works now. i am fine with this setup. but why did i have to change this? letsencrypt should write to /var/www, no?