Apache 2.4.46 on CentOS 7

Operating system: CentOS 7
**OS version:**7.9.2009

We are running Virtualmin on CentOS 7.9. The client insists to install Apache 2.4.46 for some reason. We have already explained that CentOS 7 supports 2.4.6 only and it already backports all the security patches. But the client is still insisting.

Is there a way to install Apache 2.4.46 or higher without breaking the things?



I’ve used CodeIT’s Apache 2.4.46 build for CentOS 7 but not in a control panel environment, and it was a single host using /var/www/html. A more painful option is a DIY build customized any way you want.

In the Virtualmin scheme of things, a more practical approach would be a supported distro that ships the newest Apache version possible. As far as I know, that would mean Ubuntu. Even if you’re ok with that only Ubuntu 20.10 offers Apache 2.4.46 but it’s not an LTS release.

OpenSSL 1.1.1, brotli compression, http/2 and other perks in Apache 2.4.46 are supported in 2.4.37 shipping with CentOS 8 and AlmaLinux. The only advantage of 2.4.46 I can think of is a module or two not supported in 2.4.37.

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I have been down this road before and it’s not smooth riding.
You will need to rebuild apache from an updated rpm source and configure it to work with Virtualmin.

Is there a specific reason why the client ask for version 2.4.46?
Most of my clients only ask for the newer version when it is pci-compliant related.
You can give them the the version and it’s source with updated security patch info. It will pass…

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