Anyone that can help configure postfix for smtp outgoing mail. I

OS type and version Ubuntu 22.04
Virtualmin version Latest

Is there some extra kind member on this forum that can help a 70 y.o newbi to configure the postfix server on my vps for outgoing mail? The guides I have found online is all for commandline but I am not sure that can be used when the server is already installed in webmin


It is the default to set up mail unless you disable it. If you are having problems it is likely an upstream issue. Many providers block port 25 to prevent spam. If this is a home server, you may not be able to solve the problem. Years ago I ran a secondary MX machine at my home. At that time I asked and they opened. Now even commercial providers for servers will block it by default.

Bottom line, we need to know what’s in the logs. What is preventing you from sending now?

its a vps. Can I change the 25 to 465 or 587 somewhere? I testsend to my gmail

You cannot change the internet to accept mail on port 465 or 587. If you don’t have port 25, you don’t have a mail server.

You’ll need a relay service, such as Mailjet, Mailgun, Sendgrid, Amazon SES, etc. You can then configure that with the relayhost in Postfix (in Webmin: Postfix Mail Server | Webmin).

If you’re only sending mail for your own accounts, you could potentially use GMail as your relayhost. You wouldn’t want to do that for untrusted users, or for a wide variety of domains, as that would likely get your account locked by Google. They don’t intend for GMail to be used as a relay for a bunch of users (and I doubt it would actually work for that).

Its a little tricky. I used sendgrid before but they no longer gmail accounts. Seems most of the relay providers is the same. I have always used gmail app password but that is also gone this month, they dot accept it anymore.
I only need the smtp to send some verification emails, perhaps 10 a week.
But I will sort it out somehow

I ollowed a guide from digitalocean that looked promising but I think the postfix already installed is different configured

Thanks anyway

Are you on Digital Ocean?


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