Anyone run Crowdsec on WM/VM?

Wondering if anyone is using Crowdsec (instead of F2B) on their Virtualmin setup? Curious about your experiences…

Hi, I am head of community at CrowdSec.

Thanks for bringing up CrowdSec in this forum :slight_smile:

I haven’t heard of anyone using CrowdSec with Virtualmin (or even Webmin). That makes sense since there’s no support for it. But that can easily change as it’s literally just a matter of creating a logparser and a scenario to detect attacks.
Feel free to join our Discord (link is at our website) to talk about it. We have a pretty active community so maybe it’s enough to suggest support for someone to do it. That has happened before.

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Thanks @klausagnoletti I will head over to the Crowdsec Discord…

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Started testing CrowdSec on a couple of virtual machines running Debian and Virtualmin, nothing special for now, just trying to get a hang of it. So I will be watching this thread, and if it will be the case watch their forum too :wink:

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I’m not familiar with it. I sometimes use sshguard on my very small VMs, as it does everything I need with an order of magnitude fewer resources than fail2ban.

But, looks like CrowdSec could also potentially be less resource-intensive than fail2ban (which is pretty big, though it’s deceptive in its memory usage…not as bad as it looks at first glance), so that’d be a win.

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