Anyone have any positive experiences with sa-learn?

Moving from Gmail back to my own server means I no longer have their fantastic spam filter. A LOT more spam gets through with spam assassin.

I use SA-Learn though. I run it often on the junk folder, and also ham in my archive folder of real email.

BUT I dont think its very good. I have selected the same mail to be Junk many, many times, yet it still is not filtered. For example, I often get a DHL delivery report or something with a zip file in it. Marked it has junk many times, sa-learn looks at the junk folder, but I still keep getting them.

So that tells me sa-learn and/or spam assassin is not very good, I wondered of others have the same opinion or have positive experiences.


It may be worth looking at the X-Spam-Status header in incoming emails, just to see what SpamAssassin thinks about them. That’ll show what tests SpamAssassin has applied to them.

However, are you by chance using greylisting on your server?

Greylisting can make a pretty significant different in terms of spam reduction.


This is the spam header of a DHL email with Zip file I get VERY often and have marked it as spam for sa-learn all the time:

X-Spam-Level: **
X-Spam-Status: No, score=2.1 required=5.0 tests=BAYES_20,HK_RANDOM_ENVFROM, HTML_MESSAGE,RCVD_IN_BL_SPAMCOP_NET,RCVD_IN_SORBS_WEB autolearn=no version=3.3.1

Does autolearn=no have anything to do with it not learning?

I read about grey listing but thought I would try sa-learn first.

For info, any email about Penis Enlargment gets through too, which tells me spamassassin really must be rubbish to let those through surely?

P.S. Let me know if I should go to a spamassassin forum, this is the only place I know of Linux support that works hence me coming here first! Dont want to waste your time on non-Virtualmin stuff.