Anyone have an Apache config for django and virtualmin?

I wanted to install Django on a site on my server…

I started by using the Virtualmin install script - but this didn’t work for me and a lot of other people, you can see our experiences on a parallel thread in this forum.

So I tried to install it from scratch. After a bit of fiddling, I apparently installed it - at least, I can run the test server on port 8001 (I’m using port 8000 for something else) - although I can only see it from inside the server (which is what you’d expect from a test server).

So something’s there. But how do I actually see it externally, on the web?

I believe I need to configure Apache -, lines 368-427 seems to be doing that - but I’ve been unable to run the script and figuring it out “what it would write when” from just examining the script seems too hard.

Does anyone have a sample Apache config for Django?

I always wondered why everyone used PHP and WordPress on their servers when they could use Python. Now I’m starting to understand why… :frowning: