Any way to find the highest mail users, from a CPU/RAM point of view OR just number of emails coming in/out?

I have setup a server just for email. I want to move all email accounts off my web servers onto this one. This is because spam/virus scanning was using a lot of CPU/RAM which slowed the server and so websites down. Not good! So email on another server will make the websites run faster more often.

So I would like to start to move the highest email users first… so those with the most email coming in and going out, as they would be scanned the most. OR the ones using highest CPU/RAM.

I wondered how one could check this, any ideas? So the user with the most email usage.


Correlating this to CPU/RAM usage might be difficult, but you could start out with doing a regular analysis/grep of the mail server logfile. In /var/log/mail.log (or the equivalent in your distro) you’ll find all successful SMTP authentications and can with some bash script trickery sort/accumulate that per user. Likewise you can analyze /var/log/procmail.log for outgoing mail.

You might also find some useful stuff here:

thanks a lot