Any tips for Mass Update many websites PHP version using Virtualmin Pro version?

OS type and version Ubuntu 20.04
Webmin version 1.973
Virtualmin version 6.16
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We have many PHP 7.0 sites that I want to mass update to 7.4

I found this old post that suggested mass updating might be possible using the pro version:

…mass updates can be done by going into List Virtual Servers on the bottom-left, select the domains you wish to update, then click “Update Selected”.

On our Pro Version system we don’t see a checkbox or any other way of selecting more than one site…any ideas?

Are you sure you’re running the Pro version and everything is up to date? I just checked a couple of my systems (one that was installed as Pro originally and one that I just upgraded just to see if maybe something weird was going on with GPL->Pro upgrades), and both show checkboxes by the domain names on the List Virtual Servers page.

@Ilia do you know of any recent issues with the checkboxes on this page?

Also, what browser are you using?

There was a bug, when clicking on the checkbox was reloading left menu with checked virtual server but this is fixed with 19.85 release and it was harmless. Based on the OP screenshot it seems that it wasn’t upgraded to Pro properly. If you type in autocomplete in navigation menu for Pro do you get any results?

Hi @llia,

If you type in autocomplete in navigation menu for Pro

I believe I do? Please check below, I use that box all the time to quickly scroll throught the 300 domains.

One things, when the license server was down we had to convert from Pro to Community to add more domains, but then when the license server came back up we hopefully converted back. So now I’m thinking during the dubble conversion something went wrong.

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