Any suggestions on which `Webmin > Backup configuration files` to back up?

I love the Virtualmin backup system - it makes it easy to back up and restore virtualmin accounts as well as easily store them locally or FTP somewhere else.

I only recently discovered there is a separate Webmin > Backup configuration files facility and am curious what people backup.

Since they are mainly config files I guess there’d be no harm in simply selecting all of them? (To make life easier when setting a server up and/or to ensure nothing important is missed.) Or would you recommend only selecting those you need? Reason I ask is because there are some there that I do not recognise (eg Custom Commands).

Curious to hear what others think/are backing up.

Oh I’ve just noticed… it doesn’t have the same features as the virtualmin backups - it doesn’t give you the option to “keep for XX days” - would the team consider adding that please?

(Only workaround I can think for that is to specify a specific directory in one of the virtualmin accounts and then let the webmin back up overwrite that directory and to let the VM back up keep them for the number of days required)