Any plan to support OpenVZ?

The latest happening in the VPS industry is the suicide of HyperVM developer and the security than impacted many companies that uses the product.

Many companies would and are indeed looking for alternatives. Cloudmin (great name btw) could capture part of this market if OpenVZ support is added (since Xen is already there)

Since we are already using virtualmin, would certainly be great for us to use cloudmin.

Yeah, that would be great. I’m an openvz + Amazon AWS user. But for websites I’m still doubting between virtualmin, vhcs/ispcp or directadmin.

But this Cloudmin sounds great, I guess I should choose virtualmin now :wink:

Yes, we are working on OpenVZ at a frantic pace. We’ve been inundated with requests for a migration path from HyperVM (apparently a number of security vulnerabilities remain unpatched, and will for the foreseeable future, so a lot of hosting providers a just dead in the water without a replacement).

Does someone have a HyperVM system we can log into and experiment a bit with? Neither Jamie or I has ever even seen one. We both now have OpenVZ systems setup, and have begun work on both docs and code for supporting it in Cloudmin, but we’d also like to be sure we can help folks moving out of HyperVM into Cloudmin, maybe even automatically.

Email me at, if so. (Though you’ll want to have it firewalled off from the rest of the world, since it is currently root exploitable. I’ll provide the IPs we’d be coming in from, so you can be very particular about who can see your HyperVM system.)

Until this afternoon, I wasn’t aware HyperVM and LXAdmin/Kloxo still had root exploits. I was under the impression they’d been patched before the untimely death of the developer. Now that we know, and we know how many folks are really kinda over a barrel, we’re treating it like an urgent issue. We hate to see folks up against a wall where the options are paying dramatically more or having to limp along with no GUI at all and no user-facing tools (I can imagine the support burden of losing your GUI).

That is great news about OpenVZ, I can’t wait to check it out, let me know if you need someone to test it, I’ve got a test HyperVM environment I can do that on.

Any word on the OpenVZ support?

If you need any more testing let me know, I’m willing to help.

It’s definitely being worked on!

We got a little slowed down by the Perl conference we attended this week – but we’re all back home today, so full steam ahead! :slight_smile:

If you’re still in need of a HyperVM control panel, let me know.

rburgin AT exoware DOT net

Thanks for the offer. We lined up a couple of HyperVM installs, as well as LXAdmin/Kloxo systems and backups, so I think we have everything we need. Jamie is wrapping up Virtualmin 3.70 with LXAdmin support today or tomorrow and Cloudmin with OpenVZ support will follow on the heels of that.

Now that we’re back in town from YAPC, we’re all back to work at full speed.